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About MeneMac

The learning center curriculum is comprised of a 4-year program, with two focus areas: journalistic and dramatic video production. This course of studies offers a broad, introductory curriculum in the first two years and then student selected focus areas, with more project and career orientation in the last two years.

Learning center students also have the opportunity to take their English, Social Studies, and Science within the learning center. During the first year, they complete their Arts and Communication Pathway core course. In the second year, they take their core courses, with the Arts and Communication Pathway completer course, Digital Media Technology, embedded in the curriculum. At the upperclassman level, students, with content area advisors, design multimedia projects that fulfill content area requirements and offer experiences within the professional and academic community in the area of media communications and technology.

Students must apply to enroll in the learning center program. 

The MOHS Media Communications & Technology Learning Center (MeneMAC) offers a comprehensive, four-year program that emphasizes the integration of content and technology skills, student inquiry and leadership, and project management/problem solving skills in authentic contexts.

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Mark Ikenaga
Film // Drama

Kelly Calistro
Social Studies // Film

Austin Zavala

English //Broadcast

Jennifer Cole
Social Studies

Landon Mauricio
Non-MeneMac Film

Theresa Tomimbang

Beau Nakamori
Digital Media



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